Dr. Tim Sharp, Tulsa Chorale Artistic Director, and Michelle Place, Tulsa Historical Society & Museum Executive Director, were recently featured on an episode of Perspectives, a program sponsored by RSU TV – KRSU.

In the interview, which includes video footage of Tulsa Chorale masked rehearsals and THSM archival photos of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, host Sam Jones delves into the Tulsa Chorale’s upcoming May 7, 2021 performance of The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace. Dr. Sharp focuses on the musical work and its historical significance while Ms. Place focuses on the historical aspect of the 100 year anniversary and collaboration between THSM and Tulsa Chorale.

*At the time of the interview, the performance date and venue were not assured due to COVID-19 concerns. However the date, times and venue of the May 7 performance are correct in the graphics. Enjoy the program and get your ticket now before they are gone!

Watch here: https://youtu.be/_smLD2rsPKA