As you probably know, Tulsa Oratorio Chorus is a non-profit choir comprised of auditioned volunteer singers of all ages, professions, and walks of life. Unlike some of the unionized arts groups in our area, we don’t have a performance space to call our home. On one hand this can be fun, as it allows us to perform in many beautiful venues throughout the city and bring our music to people in different areas. However, it can also set some limitations on our repertoire, as many large choral works call for organ accompaniment and there are only a few organs in Tulsa.

We have found a solution to this problem in our new portative. A portative is a small organ that can be easily transported and stored. It opens up many more opportunities for us in terms of both music choice and performance locations, and also allows our wonderful accompanist to take the stage with us rather than hiring a separate organist. We purchased the portative in January and have already used it with great success in our performance of Haydn’s “Mass in Time of War”!

TOC is asking for your donations to help us make the payments on this fantastic new instrument. We are looking forward to using it as we strive to bring beautiful music to as many people in the Tulsa area as we can.  Please contribute to the Tulsa Oratorio Chorus by becoming an “organ donor”!

Click here for more information, or click below to donate!