On Friday November 24th, 2012, at Carnegie Hall,  The Tulsa Oratorio Chorus teamed with Holland Hall, and Tulsa Children’s Chorus, plus other choruses with The New England Symphonic Ensemble, for a concert presentation of Ralph Vaughn Williams Hodie “This Day” and John Rutter’s Mass of the Children.

Headlining the evening, Guest Conductor John Rutter led the choruses and ensemble in the performance of his own composition, Mass for the children. Dr. Tim Sharp, the Artistic Director and Conductor of Tulsa Oratorio Chorus led the presentation of Hodie.

Oratorio Chorus members expressed that this was a wonderful experience, having John Rutter rehearse and conduct the presentation at Carnegie Hall. It was an honor to perform his composition under his leadership and that Rutter’s expression through his music and face is something to never forget.

In a news story in the Tulsa World, James Watt’s wrote of the journey Tulsa Oratorio and others were about to take.  Read Here.